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Our UV Filtered Pool is now ready – swim with views overlooking Sayulita Bay!

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Aaron, Marya, Gabriel and Elias Schock

Aaron has been coming to Sayulita since he was in diapers – accompanied, that is, by his parents, who were among the first handful of Americans to come to Sayulita circa 1970. Aaron’s professional background was in non-profit community development, but now runs Casa Higuera/Casa Sofia while making documentary films in NYC. You can read about his documentary about Mexican circuses by clicking here. Marya received her Ph.D. in European History at UC Berkeley and now teaches at the Trinity School in Manhattan. Gabriel and Elias are their two boys, age 9 and 6 respectively.

Martha, Martin, Yamara, and Martincito Flores

Martha and Martin Flores are our housekeepers and property managers at Casa Higuera/Casa Sofia. Martha has been with us since the beginning, and is much beloved by our repeat clients. Her background before raising Yamara and Martincito was in teaching. In addition to working for us, her husband Martin is a skilled iron-worker; the wrought-iron security bars over some of our windows were made by his hands. Their daughter Yamara began college this year and is pursuing her degree in architecture. Martincito is in prepartoria (high school) in Puerto Vallarta and thinks of nothing but soccer.