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Our UV Filtered Pool is now ready – swim with views overlooking Sayulita Bay!

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Where is Sayulita, and how do I get there?
Sayulita is a small fishing village in the Mexican state of Nayarit, about 35km north of the Puerto Vallarta airport, right off the main highway, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. You simply fly into the Puerto Vallarta airport, and then take a taxi (approx. $60) or rent a car to get to Sayulita.

Is Casa Higuera/Casa Sofia beachfront? How do I get to the beach?
Our properties are beachfront, and all you have to do is walk out your door and walk for a minute or so down our private, cobblestone path to the beach. The property stretches from the beach up a hill, and we chose to build on the highest point to take advantage of the spectacular views.

How far are you from town? Can you walk there?
We are just 2-3 minutes walk to the town square, off of which everything is located. There are three different ways to get to town from our property. The most direct is a landscaped path from the top of the property that takes you directly down into the village, and is just a few minutes walk. There is also a back road, which is the way you will drive in, and has a slower incline and takes about 5 minutes to walk to town. There is also a road along the beach you can access from our bottom gate, from which the town center is just 2-3 minutes away.

How private is Casa Higuera/Casa Sofia, and how private are the casitas & houses from each other?
While very close to town, we are located on the hill above it that provides terrific privacy. In addition, our property occupies only a small fraction of the portion of the hill that we own. We have chosen to leave the rest of the property undeveloped out of an appreciation for the natural landscape. All you will find below the casitas are a small banana grove, a variety of indigenous plants, and an ancient Higuera tree, all of which you pass on your way to the beach.

The casas and casitas are all designed for maximum privacy from one another. You should not be aware of other guests while in your casita or on your private patio.

Do all the casas and casitas have ocean views?
Absolutely. And not only from your patio -- the casitas and house are designed so that you have views of the ocean from your bed, kitchen, and living room. (Only our casitas #5 and #6 have views from their patios only).

How is the swimming in front of Casa Higuera?
The swimming is excellent right in front of our place. Due to the shape of the coast, the waves here are smaller and you can walk out quite a bit further than the part of the beach that is directly in front of the town center and where people tend to congregate. (And if you prefer those larger waves, they are only 50 yards away!)

Do you have a pool?
Yes. It will be completed in August 2012 and available for the 2012-13 season.

Do you have air-conditioning?
Air-conditioning is available in all our accommodations (except #5) from May though October, which is when Sayulita is warmest.

Do you have daily maid service?
Yes. Marta, our housekeeper, will do light cleaning in your accommodations Monday through Saturday.

Do I need a car for my trip?
iIf your plan is to just relax in Sayulita for a week or two, you definitely do not need a car. Our property is so close to the beach and town you simply wouldn’t use it. We suggest taking a taxi to and from the Puerto Vallarta airport. There are both buses and taxis you can take for day visits to Puerto Vallarta.

If I rent a car, is there parking available?
Yes. There is ample parking directly in front of the top entrance to Casa Higuera.

I have been to Sayulita before -- where exactly you are located?
We are on the southside of town. If you are in front of Don Pedro’s, on the beach with the ocean behind you, we are on the hill directly to your right in front of the ocean and the road that leads in the direction of Villa Amor (but significantly closer to the town than Villa Amor).

I am worried about leaving cash, credit cards, passport, etc. in my accommodations. Is there a safe place to store them?
Yes. Each of our accommodations has secure, combination or key operated safes in them.

Are the outlets and voltage the same in Sayulita as in the US?
Yes – no adapters are needed.

What is the best kept secret of when to visit Sayulita?
November is a wonderful month – great weather, more relaxed atmosphere, and closer to the prior summer so everything is at its most lush and green. Early December is a great time for all these reasons, and for the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Dec.1-12), which includes candle-lit processions and singing in town (and a few late night firecrackers, it is true). Also, early summer (May and June) are not nearly as hot as later months, and increasingly people are finding this a nice time to visit.

I’d like to visit during the summer, but I’m worried about it being too hot. Will I be comfortable?
We spend much of our summers in Sayulita, in part because that is when we can spend a long stretch of time there. But we also chose to be there in the summer because the town is so relaxed at that time and the sense of community even stronger than usual. The tropical rains are usually short and beautiful, and we love to watch the dramatic display of lightning over the ocean. Most of all, this is the most verdant time of year, and the lushness of the vegetation is simply spectacular. If you haven’t seen Sayulita in summer, you haven’t seen her at her most beautiful.

But it is hot, particularly in the later months of August and September. All of our acomodatons (except #5) have air conditioning, so you can sleep at ease or escape the hottest hours of the day. In addition, as our properties are beachfront, we get the ocean breezes that come through the huge French doors found in all our properties, making our place many degrees cooler than in town. We also provide ceiling fans over all the beds and also have floor fans for your use. And the ocean provides relief at any time.

Do you always stick to your Saturday to Saturday schedule and rent by the week only?
From November through April, we mostly do, although feel free to ask about a specific date. From May through October, we are open to alternative dates and varying lengths of stay.

You are full, or can only accommodate part of our group. Can you recommend another place to stay?
Here are places near us that we can recommend:

  • Cielo Properties is a neighbor of ours on the same hill, just beyond Aaron’s parents and sister. They have several different properties to choose from. Please go to:
  • Casa Paloma is right next door to us, and has lovely accommodations. Contact them at:
  • Casa Ensueno: While not located on our hill, Casa Ensueno offers studio-style casitas similar to ours. Please contact them at:

Our travel dates do not match your Saturday to Saturday schedule, but we want to stay with you. Can you recommend a place where we can stay for those extra nights you can’t accommodate us?
Yes. These places rent by the night:

  • Bungalows de los Arbolitos is located across form the plaza and just a couple of blocks from us. Contact them at:
  • Villa Sayulita: Located a little distance from the town center, Villa Sayulita rents by the night and the owner has said that they can transport you and your bags to our place (please bring our directions with you). Contact them at:
  • Cuatro Vientos: Another choice would be to spend your extra nights in Puerto Vallarta when you arrive or before you depart. A very modest, inexpensive place in old Vallarta is Cuatro Vientos. Contact them at:

What is a Higuera anyway?
Higueras are fig trees that grow in western Mexico. We are blessed to have three higueras on the property that are each several hundred years old. Higueras start off as vines that grow on palm trees. Over time, they take over the palm and become trees in their own right. The never lose the ropey nature of their origins, so even though the trunks are massive, they are gnarled and folded and quite dramatic. Once or twice a year the trees will produce figs – although inedible to us they are like a magnet for parakeets. Hundreds of brilliantly colored green and yellow parakeets will descend upon the tree and eat for a few days, and then move on to the next higuera. It is a stunning phenomenon to see and hear. We have built two courtyards under the higuera trees on our property so you can soak up the views of the ocean and enjoy the unique ecosystem that thrives under the canopy of the higuera boughs.

How far are you from the Sayulita surf-break?
To get to the surf-break, all you have to do is walk down our path to the beach, and then either walk down the beach 75 yards or so to enter the water directly in front of the break, or simply go directly into the water from in front of our place and paddle over. It’s close.

Can I see the surf-break from my patio?
You should be able to see it in full from the casa and all the casitas. (However, there are a few trees that, if in full bloom, may obscure part of it from one or two of the casitas, but you can always see it from the entrance of the property near your front door).

Can I rent a surfboard in Sayulita?
Yes, there are surf shops in town that rent by the day or by the week.

Can I take surfing lessons in Sayulita?
Yes. There are one or two places on the beach that provide surfing lessons. Also, our friend Puna gives private lessons. You can email her in advance at:

Is there a place to store my surfboard?
There is a property-length wall at the bottom of the property adjacent to the beach, and most people have kept their surf-boards there. It is out of view from the beach, and the door is locked and only opens with your key. So far we have not had any surf-board thefts, but it is at your own risk. Otherwise, there is plenty of room on your patio to store them and not interfere with your patio use.